Sustainability Statement

BlueGen recognizes our responsibility to help protect our planet.

Since 1988 we have translated this commitment into giving our customers made up of national & local governments as well as private industrial sectors, the ability to minimize the impact and environmental footprint they produce by using our stellar technology, advanced expertise, and know-how, for this and future generations.

BlueGen is committed to developing a collaborative relationship with our customers that strives to reduce waste in its many forms, reclaim and repurpose water where and when possible and use existing resources that lessen the burden on dwindling natural resources.

As our customers are mandated to adhere to regulations aimed at making them more sustainable & eco-friendlier, changes and improvements they must make in their business practices are realized based on our product development strategy of unique solutions and services coupled with years of experience in delivering small, large and mega projects.
Our mission stays to help our customers reduce waste generation, minimize waste sent to landfills, promote reuse and recycling, and provide municipal and industrial water treatment and reclamation solutions.
We are further committed through our internal practices to collaborating with our suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders to reduce our and their environmental footprint.

Our internal business practices embrace our commitment to the environment, and as part of our sustainable-procurement strategy, we adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct that sets forth the expectations from our suppliers, including reducing their environmental impact by engaging with suppliers that improve the environmental impact of the products and services we purchase.

Further to reducing our environmental footprint, we apply our expertise to advance the global debate on a wide range of sustainability topics. Our group know-how provides an extensive evidence-based toolkit enabling sound decision-making on our company’s role in sustainable development.

Our Shareholders oversee our overall external and internal environmental-footprint strategy. Together with our leadership team, the board handles shaping, maintaining, and ensuring the implementation of our environmental-footprint strategy. The strategy laid out by our board and management supports our current and future functions by establishing initiatives, infrastructure, and processes that reinforce our commitment to our stakeholders, customers, and the environment.