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BlueGen Water's comprehensive product portfolio, designed to meet all your desalination, water treatment, wastewater management and reuse needs. Our offerings are categorized into three main pillars:


Tailored, cost-effective wastewater solutions for all sectors.


Advanced, reliable water treatment for diverse applications.


Pioneering custom alternative water sources from wastewater.


Utilizing our proprietary technologies and extensive years of experience, BlueGen Water offers tailored, cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for both industrial and municipal sectors.


DACS® (Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System) is a patented high-rate anaerobic process that utilizes BlueGen Water’s Biomass Carriers in a unique hydraulic pattern, resulting in a flexible design and stable performance.

ABC Media

Introducing our biomass carrier, designed for unrivaled process efficiency and stability. With its protected surface area, biomass forms active biofilm layers, effectively eliminating wastewater pollutants.


AGAR® PnP (Plug and Play) offers containerized units for small decentralized WWTPs based on AGAR® MBBR technology. The AGAR® PnP units are fully automated and can be shipped to any location worldwide.


AGAR® IFAS is an ideal solution for upgrading existing activated sludge plants to achieve proper nitrogen removal or for new plants requiring extensive BOD and nitrogen removal.


The AGAR® MBBR eliminates the need to recycle sludge from a secondary clarifier and can be divided into multiple stages, hence increasing removal rates and reducing the plant footprint.


The AGAR® MC (Media Clarifier) is an innovative technology designed to separate solids in MBBR effluent.


The AGAR® MBCR (Moving Bed Clarifying Reactor) is a cutting-edge technology that integrates both biological treatment and clarification in a single reactor, making it an ideal solution for decentralized WWTPs.


The AGAR® MPU units are innovative prefabricated solutions for the treatment of Gray or Black water for several hundred people, with a maximum capacity of 70m3/d.


The AGAR® RF (Roughing Filter) MBBR is a two-stage biological system consisting of a small volume AGAR® MBBR reactor followed by an activated sludge system.


Leveraging state-of-the-art filtration and disinfection methods, BlueGen Water provides reliable and efficient water treatment solutions designed to meet the stringent quality standards for various applications.


Capsule™ is a pre-designed, compact, and robust solution for sea, brackish, effluent, and grid water desalination. It is feature-rich and technically superior, providing a cost-effective and reliable water processing system that can be easily deployed where and when it is needed the most.


Nitrate contamination in groundwater, primarily stemming from the widespread use of fertilizers in rural areas, poses a significant concern for public health, with links to conditions such as methemoglobinemia, commonly known as "blue baby" disease, and potential carcinogenic effects as per recent research findings.


Proven desalination solutions combat water scarcity and global warming, efficiently converting sea and brackish water to potable water, while reducing environmental impact.


We excel in pioneering custom processes for generating alternative water sources from industrial and municipal wastewater.

Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR)

Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR) is a desalination process for complex wastewater treatment.

Semi-batch Reverse Osmosis (SBRO)

The ultimate solution for comprehensive wastewater treatment before its safe discharge into the environment.

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