Semi-batch Reverse Osmosis (SBRO)

Semi-batch Reverse Osmosis (SBRO)

Introducing our Semi-batch Reverse Osmosis (SBRO) system, the ultimate solution for comprehensive wastewater treatment before its safe discharge into the environment. With a focus on pH regulation, heavy metal removal, biological treatment, and effective filtration, we meet even the strictest regulations. Unlike costly evaporation ponds, SBRO minimizes capital investment by pre-concentrating waste steam, enabling efficient processing of high non-biodegradable TOC and salinity. Our SBRO system ensures continuous and stable operations, even in the face of varying feed water compositions. It offers a significant advantage in treating AMD, preventing CaSO4 scaling. Experience maximum recovery rates while minimizing mineral scaling limitations. Avoid organic fouling and mineral precipitation challenges, as SBRO handles changing salinity levels seamlessly.

Main Features

Minimizing scaling concerns
Flexibility - automatically adapts to changing feed water parameters for desalination process optimization

Core Benefits

Efficient processing of high TOC and salinity
Reliable operations
Maximizes recovery rates
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