BlueGen Water provides well proven, cutting-edge desalination solutions supporting the global water scarcity and global warming challenges. Our extensive background of over four decades in designing, constructing, and operating desalination processes has positioned us as a leading global authority in the field. Our expertise technology ensures the efficient production of  brackish and seawater into potable water, mitigating the effects of global warming and pollution.

Our GenDesal solutions are cost-effective processes with minimal energy demand and reduced carbon footprint. This innovative approach minimizes the plants’ footprint, chemical usage, and ensures dependable plant operations. GenDesal diverse portfolio ranges from small brackish water units to mega-scale plants.

BlueGen Water is committed to providing BOO, BOT, and an EPC contractor SWRO and BWRO desalination facilities from several hundred thousand to small local units.

Main Features

Efficient brackish and seawater desalination
Cost-effective with minimal energy demand
Diverse portfolio from small to mega-scale plants

Core Benefits

Supports water scarcity and warming challenges
Reduces Carbon footprint and chemical usage
Enables dependable plant operations
Allows comprehensive range of facility sizes
Mitigates pollution effects
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