BlueGen Water prioritizes protecting global ecosystems and developing sustainable solutions. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in our CAPSULE™ solution, a modular and containerized water treatment unit, which provides  an efficient and reliable water processing system that can be quickly deployed where it is needed most.

CAPSULE™ is a pre-designed, compact, and robust solution for sea, brackish, effluent, and grid water desalination. It is feature-rich and technically superior, providing a cost-effective and reliable water processing system that can be easily deployed where and when it is needed the most.

As a plug-and-play system that requires minimal setup and provides a small environmental footprint, CAPSULE™ uses only a small amount of chemicals to process brackish or seawater. Its modular design allows for easy expansion based on needs, and it is designed for low energy consumption – a key factor when disaster strikes or when resources are limited.

CAPSULE™ is the perfect solution for arid areas with no fresh water resources or with limited underground water resources and in cases of emergency preparedness where municipalities face natural disasters that disrupt and contaminate water supplies.

Main Features

Skid mounted or containerized system
Energy saving processes
High recovery
Versatile desalination for various water sources
Cost-effective and reliable processing system
Pretreatment selection according to client specific needs

Core Benefits

A plug-and-play system requiring minimal setup
Pre-commissioned Factory Acceptance Tested modules for minimizing the installation and commissioning time on site
Ideal for arid regions, areas with limited underground water, or emergency situations
Reduced environmental footprint with minimal chemical usage
Flexible modular design for scalability
Low energy consumption for sustainability
Minimal civil works required
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