AGAR® RF (Roughing Filter)

The AGAR® RF (Roughing Filter) MBBR is a two-stage biological system consisting of a small volume AGAR® MBBR reactor followed by an activated sludge system. The MBBR reactor utilizes BlueGen Water’s Biomass Carriers to effectively reduce wastewater organic load, while the activated sludge system produces high-quality effluent. This two-stage configuration offers a smaller footprint compared to a traditional activated sludge system and provides protection against shock loads or inhibitory substances. The AGAR® RF is perfect for several industrial sectors dealing with different scenarios. These include retrofitting/upgrading WWTP due to increased production capacity and COD inlet load, managing seasonal COD peaks in fruit juice production and wineries, and acting as a biological “firewall” to conventional activated sludge (CAS) WWTP during emergencies.

The AGAR® RF offers high removal rates and a reduction of high organic loadings in a small reactor volume. It combines the benefits of both MBBR and activated sludge systems, providing a small footprint, resistance to organic peaks, and low operational expenses.

compared to other clarifiers.

Main Features

High removal rates
Reduction of high organic loadings in small reactor volume
Utilizes advantages from both MBBR and activated sludge

Core Benefits

Small footprint
Resistance to organic peaks
Low operational expenses
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