(Micro Prefabricated Units)

The AGAR® MPU units are innovative prefabricated solutions for the treatment of Gray or Black water for several hundred people, with a maximum capacity of 70m3/d. The core technologies used in these units are the AGAR® MBBR/MBCR for biological removal of dissolved pollutants and AGAR® MC for solids separation, which ensure high-quality effluent that can be safely discharged to the environment or reused for irrigation and toilet flushing.

The AGAR® MPU units utilize attached growth on the patented BlueGen Water’s Biomass Carriers for efficient and stable processes.

Their compact design requires a very small footprint of only 8-10m2 for 35 m3/d, making them an ideal solution for confined places with limited space availability. Additionally, they are easy to install and start up, and can be shipped to any location around the world.

The AGAR® MPU units are versatile and can be used in various applications, such as small or remote communities, green residential & office buildings, resorts & hotels, mines and temporary building sites, rest areas, and marine vessels. These units feature a proprietary MC system for solids separation with minimal use of chemicals, and are highly resistant to hydraulic and toxic shocks.

The AGAR® MPU units offer a range of benefits, including customizable flow and inlet/outlet quality, off-the-shelf availability with short supply time to any location, simple operation, highly resistant processes with short recovery time, transportability, and high resistance to hydraulic & toxic shocks.


Main Features

Modular units
Plug & Play systems
Easy installation and startup
Fast recovery
Small footprint and compact design
Can be shipped to any location around the world
Proprietary MC system solids separation with minimal need for chemicals

Core Benefits

Can be modified according to flow and inlet/outlet quality
Can be installed in confined places with limited available area
Off the shelf product – short supply time to any location
Very simple to operateHighly resistant process with short recovery time
Transportable units
High resistance to hydraulic & toxic shocks
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