AGAR® MC (Media Clarifier)

The AGAR® MC (Media Clarifier) is an innovative technology designed to separate solids in MBBR effluent. The patented system was specifically developed to handle the unique characteristics of suspended solids and biomass from MBBR WWTP. By utilizing carefully tested hydraulic flow patterns and BlueGen – Water’s media, the AGAR® MC is able to achieve TSS levels under 30 mg/l without any chemical use.

The AGAR® MC has a small footprint and can be installed in concrete reactors, steel/plastic tanks, or pre-fabricated containerized units. It is a proven technology with successful installations worldwide.

The AGAR® MC includes a fixed package of media in the upper part. The mixed liquor flows upstream through the media, which acts as a filter for solids removal. The larger particles settle at the bottom, and the sludge is periodically removed via a drainage system. Backwash is applied 1-2 times per day to maintain effluent quality and prevent malodor, and the backwashed water is recycled back to the MBBR system.

The AGAR® MC requires low hydraulic head at the inlet, and it is fully automated with minimal maintenance needs. There is no need for inter-connecting pumps, and it is a reliable and simple process that generates excellent quality effluent. Furthermore, it has low capital and operational expenses compared to other clarifiers.

Main Features

Very Small footprint compared to other clarifiers
Excellent performance
No need for chemicals
Fully automated with minimal maintenance
Requires low hydraulic head at the inlet
No scum

Core Benefits

Reliable process
Very simple to operate
Excellent quality effluents
No need for inter-connecting pumps
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