ABC Media

ABC Media

Introducing our biomass carrier, designed for unrivaled process efficiency and stability. With its protected surface area, biomass forms active biofilm layers, effectively eliminating wastewater pollutants. Trusted by hundreds of municipal and industrial treatment plants worldwide, our carrier boasts a surface area exceeding 650m2/m3, allowing optimal transfer of oxygen, substrate, and nutrients to the attached biomass. Crafted from high-quality HDPE, it offers unparalleled durability against erosion. Versatile for aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic applications, our carrier ensures COD/BOD/nutrient removal as well as other biodegradable pollutants. Our eco-friendly carrier is made from sustainable recycled materials, offering cost-effective operation, negligible maintenance, and easy retrofitting to existing plants.

Main Features

High surface area – higher than 650m2/m3
Superior “fully open” shape and geometry
Material of construction – virgin/recycled HDPE
Extremely durable to chemical and physical erosion
Can be used in various biological applications (Aerobic, Anoxic, Anaerobic, COD/BOD/Nutrients removal)

Core Benefits

30% more surface area compared to common carriers
Extremely efficient transfer of oxygen, nutrients, and substrate to the biomass within the carrier
Sustainable recycled product
Low capital expenditure
Low operational expenses
Media lasts for many years with no maintenance required
Can easily be used to retrofit existing plants with no need for extensive civil work
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