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The Mission of Diverting Waste from Landfills in Israel is Moving Forward
Vardit Harzman, News June 18, 2024

Major investment in the construction of a state-of-the-art packaging waste sorting facility for TAMIR, Israel’s packaging recycling corporation

Signing a National-scale PPP contract for Groundwater Remediation
Vardit Harzman, News June 18, 2024

A contract between BlueGen Ltd. and the State of Israel for the development of a national groundwater remediation plant in Ramat Hasharon.

BlueGen at the 2050 Environment Conference – Tel Aviv
Vardit Harzman, News April 17, 2024

Leehu HaCohen, CEO of BlueGen, spoke at the 2050 Environment Conference in Tel Aviv
emphasizing how long-term regulatory stability combined with entrepreneurs collaboration is the only way for Israel to meet international waste management standards.

MRC – Alon Tavor
Aviv Toledano, Case Studies April 10, 2024

MRC operates a power station in Alon Tavor, Northern Israel, where electricity production levels must adhere to the requirements set by Israel’s Ministry of Energy, particularly regarding peak electricity consumption fluctuations, especially during summer. BlueGen Water’s solution utilizes two types of water sources—effluent and tap water—to ensure a constant water supply to the station.

BlueGen Water to exhibit at IFAT 2024
Vardit Harzman, Events March 27, 2024

BlueGen Water to showcase its expertise in water, wastewater, and reuse solutions, including:

  • Small prefabricated to mega-scale SWRO and BWRO proprietary processes
  • Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Industrial and municipal water treatment

Jibei SWRO Desalination Plant
Aviv Toledano, Case Studies March 20, 2024

Nedtex was awarded a contract by TWC for the construction and operation of the Jibei Island SWRO desalination plant to produce 600 m³/day of desalinated water. One of the challenges encountered was the requirement for a creative design due to logistical limitations stemming from the island’s small-sized port

Toscopaper, Italy
Keren Nof , Case Studies March 7, 2024

Toscopaper, a small brown paper mill in Tuscany, sought to achieve river-quality effluent discharge while facing space constraints due to its old plant configuration. A new WWTP, employing Aqwise Technologies MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technologies, replaced the existing clarifier. This innovative solution accommodates peak demands and calcium content, with potential for future expansion.