Palmachim Desalination Plant

A Large Cost-effective RO Desalination Plant

Our state-of-the-art project: a 100,000,000 m³/year seawater desalination plant, was a lifeline for the Israeli government during a severe water crisis. We provided comprehensive engineering, design, construction, and operation services, including a capacity expansion and 12 years of maintenance.

Our cutting-edge technology, from pretreatment to reverse osmosis desalination with energy recovery process, provided high-quality water, while minimizing environmental impact and operational costs. This innovative solution secured a sustainable water source and set new standards for efficiency and automation in the industry.

BlueGen is the operator and majority owner of Palmachim Desalination plant. Being the sole Built-Operate-Own desalination facility in Israel, BlueGen will maintain ownership of the plant beyond its initial concession term.

Making a Sustainable Impact.

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