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KMM is one of the largest and most innovative recycling companies in Israel and serves as our primary waste collection branch. Founded in 1989, KMM had a key role in developing the recycling market and regulatory framework. The company is co-owned by BlueGen along with its original founders, the Kortov family.

Collection Services

KMM is dedicated to making recycling a seamless and impactful endeavor for both municipalities and private customers. Our specialized recycling collection services encompass cardboard, paper, newspaper, plastics and textile, reflecting our commitment to a greener future and a cleaner environment.

For municipal customers, our efficient collection process becomes a vital component of waste management strategies that prioritize sustainability. By partnering with us, municipalities contribute to reduced landfill waste, resource conservation, and community-wide awareness of responsible recycling practices. Private customers, too, can experience the convenience of responsible recycling through our tailored collection services.

Document Shredding

Discover peace of mind with our confidential corporate document handling. We understand the paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive information, and our unique solutions are designed to provide you with uncompromising security and confidentiality.

Our exceptional services ensure that your confidential documents are handled with the utmost care, where both on-site and off-site shredding services are available. Specializing in classified document shredding and secure destruction of magnetic media, our expert team follows stringent protocols to maintain the highest standards of data protection.

Recycling Facilities

We own and operate two advanced recycling facilities that process a diverse range of recyclable materials, including cardboard, paper, newspaper and plastics.

Collected from thousands of different clients, these materials undergo meticulous sorting and processing. Subsequently, the processed recyclables find new life as they are distributed to local customers or exported internationally, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to fostering a circular economy.

Tire Collection and Recycling

In alignment with Israeli regulations, we stand at the forefront of tire recycling efforts. Nestled in Beer Sheva, our tire recycling facility is the largest and most advanced of its kind in Israel.

The tire recycling process encompasses complex stages, involving separation of tires into their core constituents, predominantly rubber and iron. Through a shredding process, rubber is transformed into fine particles, poised for versatile reuse. These repurposed rubber fragments find new life as playground surfacing, enhance the sustainability of roads when blended with asphalt, insulate buildings against heat, or even serve as an energy source for specific applications.

Packaging Waste Sorting

Complying with Israeli regulations, food manufacturers and importers hold the responsibility of recycling packaging waste used for their products. These packaging materials, once sorted by consumers, are gathered through dedicated orange bins that are available nationwide. Municipalities are responsible to collect these bins and transport them to specialized sorting facilities, which separate the different types of recyclables.

KMM constructed and operates one of the first packaging waste sorting facilities in Israel. Our cutting-edge facility is equipped with advanced automation including optical sorters, air suction systems, magnets, and more. This facility enables manufacturers to fulfill their obligations, while supporting sustainable practices.

Beverage Container Recycling

In accordance with the bottle deposit law, beverage manufacturers and importers bear a range of responsibilities, including the collection and recycle of the empty containers. Our subsidiary, Cycle, is dedicated to fully executing these obligations on behalf of manufacturers and importers.

Cycle was established to usher in the next era of recycling innovation. Our cutting-edge recycling machines are engineered to accommodate plastic, aluminium, and glass beverage containers, while streamlining the process and improving customer experience.

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