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Dekel: Innovative Waste Management Projects

Dekel owns, operates, constructs and develops some of the largest waste management facilities in Israel: the first automated sorting facility in Israel, a large organic waste treatment plant, and a hazardous waste treatment plant. The company is co-owned by BlueGen in partnership with YSB Group.

Green Net Sorting Facility

Green Net is the Material Recovery Facility of the Jerusalem metropolitan area and the first of its kind in Israel. When first launched in 2015, Green Net introduced state-of-the-are technologies to Israel’s conservative waste management industry, pushing other cities to follow.

With ballistic screens, optical sorters and robotics, the facility needs nearly no human interaction to transform waste into valuable resources. At the end of the process, valuable materials such as metals, cardboard and plastics, are separated into different streams and resold, thus diverting them from landfills.

Today, Green Net serves roughly 1 million people on a daily basis and treats around 500 thousand tons of waste per annum, making it one of the largest of its kind in Israel.

Greensoil’s Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant

Dekel Greensoil is our hazardous waste specialist. Notably one of the few such facilities in Israel, our highly regulated facility ensures operating at the highest quality and safety standards, positioning it as an unparalleled hub for advanced waste treatment.

This facility boasts expertise across a wide spectrum of hazardous waste types, ranging from hazardous sludge treatment, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) treatment, bioremediation of contaminated soil and more.

Daya’s Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Daya represents a pioneering initiative aimed at tackling the many challenges associated with the inadequate treatment of organic waste. Located in Southern Israel, the facility, upon completion, will receive and process approximately 200 thousand tons of organic waste per annum from the surrounding area.

Utilizing cutting-edge anaerobic digestion technology, Daya will unlock the potential of organic waste to generate clean and sustainable energy. This process not only helps alleviate waste disposal challenges and greenhouse gas emissions, but also utilized biogas for clean electricity generation, thereby further diminishing our carbon footprint.

Making a Sustainable Impact

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